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Firearms Safety


While Goody Guns are simple cookie cutters to make edible 'guns', it should be noted as a matter of course that at all times real gun safety is paramount.  No half measures.

To that end, just as a reminder of the basic four rules, based on those recommended by the late Jeff Cooper: note these well and implement to the full all the time.  Use them also to educate others.


1) - A firearm is loaded, always (even when you just checked it clear!).

2) - Never point a gun at anything you do not wish to destroy.

3) - Keep your finger OFF the trigger until ready to fire.

4) - Know your target - and what is beyond.


The reason for #1 stating that a gun is always loaded is simply that that is the safest way to go. Too many times people have considered a gun cleared, then disobeyed the other rules and "bang" - someone gets hurt.  A common possible error is dropping a magazine from a semi-auto but forgetting there is still a chambered round!

It might be said that rule #2 is the "catch-all" in as much as, if a gun is never pointed at any time at anything that could be hurt or destroyed, then perhaps the worst problem might be a hole in the wall!  That of course brings in #4 as well, as we need to know still what is beyond a potential point of impact.

Be safe and teach safety to your children and every gun owner you meet.  The life saved may even be your own.


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