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About Goody Guns


Aaron Zelman, founder and director of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO), unveiled a new program to counteract the unceasingly lies and dangerous propaganda of the victim disarmament (aka "gun control") lobby -- lies and propaganda mostly aimed at a captive audience of children in the public school system, and spread like a disease by the mass media -- while providing hours of wholesome family fun.


The program, called "Goody Guns", consists of a special cookie cutter in the shape of a semiautomatic pistol or revolver. With the supervision and help of the adults in their lives, boys and girls can turn their own kitchens into "Arsenals of Liberty" by making gun-shaped cookies to keep and share, while absorbing firearms safety lessons the public schools would never teach them, and which the mass media don't want to see taught.


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